Documentation for the Codomat

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Codomat? How can it help me?

The Codomat is conceptually a code machine: you describe your system’s backend in a simple format (your system specification) and turn this specification in to the Codomat, which in turn gives you a detailed software package you can use right away.

Specification? Isn’t this yet another programming language?

Technically yes, the Codomat specification is a programming language. We don’t know of another language though where you can describe a TODO app in <20 lines and a social network in 40 lines. Accessibility and simplicity are not to be underrated.

Why a textual specification? Why not graphical?

Building your app graphically requires a large library of components or modules, ultimately leading to a complex, albeit visual language. On the other hand, the design of the Codomat follows the rule of least power: the specification language is as small as it gets while still capable of describing complete backends. The resulting clarity and ease of learning outweighs the ability to design your app’s logic visually.

Does the Codomat replace human developers?

The Codomat is not meant to replace human expertise, it rather accomplishes the initial, usually mundane stages of development in a fraction of the time traditionally required. This frees up experts to focus on the aspects where human innovation is needed most.